Current disappearances information

The purpose of this website section is to collaborate with families and the law enforcement agencies in the search of children and adolescents who have disappear in our country.

This section aim is to canalize the citizen collaboration. By showing the image and identification information of the minors who have disappear (at least in the moment of their disappearance), we pretend that any person who might provide any sort of information that allow to find the minor or throw any light on his/her disappearance will use the 116000 hotline directly.

The actions we must take on the first hours when we are searching for a person are vital. This circumstance is even more important when we are talking about minors, due to their situation of great vulnerability.

If you see anyone you think you know or can provide any clue, even if you think is irrelevant, contact us using the 116000 hotline .

Please, help us find them.