The main purpose of 116000 ANAR Helpline for cases of missing children is to provide guidance and support to the families of missing children in Spain. Its principal roles are:

1. – Assist in the report and immediate contact with the State Security and Regional Police Forces.

When a child is missing it is necessary to immediately seek the assistance of the police forces. Occasionally, the missing children’s families are lost as to when, where and how to do it. Besides, in a stressful situation it is not always easy to correctly identify the risk, it is possible that the outcome is to get paralyzed.

ANAR Helpline counselors facilitate the reporting of the cases by providing a clear quick action guide, and even transferring the call. All of which is developed in the coordinating protocol signed between the Spanish Security Forces and the ANAR Foundation focused on the effective communication of missing children cases.

2. – Provide psychological and emotional support to missing children’s families.

The team of specialized psychologists of the ANAR Foundation analyzes the psychological and emotional status of the persons involved (adults and minors) and provides psychological guidance to each member. The guidance is directed to facilitate the initiation of urgent proceedings for the search of the missing children and the emotional care of the family members. Additionally, guidance is given for safety, protection, risk prevention, and for the release of emotions.

3. – Provide legal and social advice to families.

The ANAR Foundation’s social workers and attorneys provide guidance to families in relation to any administrative or legal proceedings that need to be activated, refer families to specific specialized resources the family might need in any place in Spain, monitor the evolution of the cases maintaining contact with the different institutions involved, and provide the families with comprehensible and truthful information.

4. – Provide support and cooperate in police investigations.

116000 Helpline receives calls from citizens that wish to provide information as to the identification of a missing child, that is, channels citizens’ cooperation to solve reported missing cases.

116000 Helpline staff passes information received to police forces in accordance with signed protocols between the National Police Forces and ANAR Foundation directed to an effective communication in missing children’s cases.

5. – Promotes International Cooperation

In a Europe without borders, it is increasing the number of missing children that change country, what requires a more complex answer from all entities and institutions involved in the search.

ANAR Foundation networks with European entities and with the European Federation of Missing and Sexually Exploited Children – Missing Children Europe –established in 19 European Union Member States and Switzerland, which permits a close cooperation to favor the location of missing children.