• Free
  • Confidential
  • Available all over Spain.
  • Operating 24/7, twenty four hours, seven days a week.
  • Networked with entities managing 116000 entities in Europe.
  • Telephone translation service in various languages.

ANAR Foundation provides the 116000 service with the following guarantees:

  • Under the requirements of the Ministry of Industry, listed in its resolution dated March 31, 2010 (where the 116000 service is awarded to this Foundation).
  • Available to all citizens without prior registration.
  • Continued over time (not temporary)
  • Free of any advertising, entertainment or trading activity.

The provision of 116000 service is performed from the ANAR Telephone communication platform, at the headquarters of the ANAR Foundation.

Professional Team

Calls received through 116000 service are served by a multidisciplinary team. Depending on the type of call, it may be necessary to provide a psychological counseling or also a social or legal advice.

Psychological, legal or social counseling that requires each call will be provided in coordination, always offering the best alternatives to ensure the best interests of the child. The professional staff is made up of psychologists, lawyers and social workers, all specializing in childhood.

The psychological counseling in 116000 service is done by the team of psychologists that serve all incoming calls daily. The psychologist receives the call and explores what the situation is. Then, she/he assesses the child’s environment (personal situation, family setting, school, etc.), in order to offer improvement alternatives or possible solutions to his/her problems.

Psychological counseling is based on the following four principles:

    • Empathic and emotional listening.
    • The adaptation to the ability to understand and personal resources of the caller.
    • Psychological-emotional response
    • Telephone advice and support in the process of searching for help.

The social department, is made up of a team of social workers and makes three main activities:

    • The valuation of calls requiring social counseling.
    • The investigation and subsequent contact with external resources concerned with children (different authorities, NGO, associations, etc.).
    • Intervene with institutions and authorities in those cases where we detect a risk situation of a child. Thus, after obtaining the data and consent of the caller, we will contact with the relevant government organizations or authorities in each case.

This work requires a high level of communication and coordination with different external resources implicated in child protection, as well as an ongoing effort to understand the different protocols and interventional procedures.

From the Legal Department lawyers give legal advice on any matter concerning a minor requiring such advice. In these cases, the query can be made ​​by the child or by an adult of his/her environment. When a child calls our service, we always use a language close and friendly, adapted to his age and level of understanding.

Besides giving necessary legal information, sometimes, when we detect situation of grave risk for a minor, and the minor has no adult to whom turn, the lawyers intervene. This intervention consists of advising police, prosecutors and/or courts of the situation in which a minor is at grave risk (detected through 116000 service), and following up on the case with de appropriate authorities.

The actions with the Police and Security Forces Our actions in these situations are governed by a Protocol of Communication and Intervention entered into by Foundation ANAR and the Police and Security Forces, which was signed by both parties en 2009. With this protocol we have a quick and effective communication regarding to cases of missing children.